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                   Redhead Contracting Ltd

        Committed to Safety and Excellence in Heavy Haul Equipment, Specializing in Oilfield, Forestry, and Mining

                  Serving Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and Yukon since 2000

                                                (250)425-5554             24hr Service             (780)568-2919

Our Vision

Redhead Contracting Ltd, vision is to be recognized as the supplier and employer of choice in the trucking industry.

To provide the highest level of service and with uncompromised safety.

To provide our employees with a family orientated workplace with a balance between family and work.

Our aim is to expand our Company in a deliberate and balanced fashion for the purpose of strengthening our ability to serve the customer and provide a solid future for our people.

However, our rate of expansion will not be beyond our ability to finance or manage to a consistent standard of quality.

We will go to great lengths to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, being conscious of our image and with modest respect for our success.

Company History

Redhead Contracting Ltd, was founded in March of 2000, in Elkford B.C.  At that time this small family owned and operated Company consisted of just one Kenworth Winch Tractor, with Kevin himself at the helm.  With one goal in mind Kevin, set out to own and operate a well-respected, trustworthy, safe, and dependable Transportation Company specializing in Forestry and Mining.

In 2006 Redhead Contracting Ltd, expanded it's operation to Grande Prairie, Alberta and increased their services to Oilfield, Heavy Hauling and of course continuing it's services with both Forestry and Mining.

With the continued growth of the family buisness the Redheads have increased their fleet with additional trucks, special multi wheel trailers, and winch tractors.  The business not only continues with the family, but also continues to prosper and grow with a solid core of staff.

This growth was due to dependable, safe, on-time, and courteous delivery of products required by our customers.

Changing times in the Transportation Industry has brought on major concerns about the development of health, safety, and enviornmental issues.  These issues are a concern for all of  the Industry and Redhead Contracting Ltd has made it a top priority to do their share in addressing them.  Redhead Contracting Ltd has managed to achieve an excellent Safety Program and continues serving our customers with the same ambitions and values that started the Company in the beginning.

As we move forward, our goal has not waivered in that we pledge to keep our employees and all those that we work with as Safe and Healthy as possible.  We strive to continue our exceptional customer service through a gained knowledge in all areas of our business and the Industry that we work within.

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